Below are testimonials from athletes, clients, coaches, and interns that I have worked with.

Note: Special thanks to Scott Stewart and Mark Janzen Spartan Athletic's Sports Information Directors for allowing me to use their fantastic Spartan coach & athletes photos for these testimonials.

Athlete Testimonials 

Volleyball was never my sport in high school. It was not until 2009 when I went to Columbia Bible School where I started taking volleyball and strength training seriously. I benefited from three years of strength coaches at CBC all who were trained by Andrew. My vertical went up my weight went up and after three years of hard training I believed I had reached a plateau. I started at TWU in the fall of 2012 the university game was much faster and everyone hit harder. I was too weak, slow and low to be effective at the university level. Now I finally got to meet the trainer I heard so much about and from the moment I met Andrew he has worked
tirelessly to get me ready to play at the CIS level and he has always been encouraging even in periods where he was correcting my form and the improvements were slow and frustrating. Since starting Andrew's program I gained another 15 pounds that I never thought I could gain and gained another 7 inches on my  vertical. With that I was able to set the Spartan spike touch and block touch record. My game has improved tremendously thanks to Andrew. He is not just great during training but is always sending the athletes emails of how to improve our nutrition and our workouts. He has been doing this for a long time and has it down to a science that is why you can be sure that those who seriously buy into Andrews program will see results. He works harder then anyone I have ever seen on his own fitness and somehow finds time to put that same effort into the athletes and I have benefited greatly from this. Andrew has also inspired me never to stop improving I have not seen a plateau since training with Andrew and I am going into my fifth year of volleyball stronger and stronger then I have ever been and best of all I have not missed a practice due to injury.
Danny Grant
Spartan Men's Volleyball

I always knew strength and conditioning was important for any successful athletic career, but I didn't realize just how important it was until I started working with Andrew. Before starting Andrew's program, I was a good athlete with above average capabilities in the gym. My spike touch was already 10'1, which for a female volleyball is a decent score. When I started to make the transition to university volleyball, I also started training hard using Andrew's programs. Over the next 5 months, I completely transformed as athlete--I felt stronger, more dynamic, and healthier. The results did not fully sink in until I tested my spike touch again. This time it was 10'5.5. I was completely blown away! I had no idea that with the right kind of training and coaching in the weight room, these kind of results were possible. I now have finished my university career with a bronze, silver, and gold medal at nationals and am continuing to play volleyball with the Canadian women's national team. I am confident that training with Andrew has played a significant role in allowing me to play not only at the university level, but on the international level as well. A person's athleticism does have to do with genetics, but I also know that dedication to the right kind of training can completely transform an athlete. I am able to play on the international stage because of my hard work in the weight room with Andrew.
Elly Wendel 
Spartan Women's Volleyball CIS/U-Sport Bronze, Silver and Gold Medalist, Canadian National Team member

When I came to Trinity I was a good, solid athlete but was lacking in functional strength and agility. I started off my first preseason at 170 lbs. while 6' 5" tall. I had never worked out in my life and Andrew really helped me get the technique for the essential exercises. Through his consistent and thoughtful teaching, my results improved greatly over the past four years. Instead of focusing on just improving on the different exercises, he has helped me gain functional strength that is useful for me on and off the soccer field. I added 40 lbs. of muscle and can feel the difference while playing my sport and regular day to day activities. Andrew has consistently been there to guide and instruct me through any problems I've had while learning and refining new exercises.
Elie-William Gindo
Spartan Men's Soccer

I came to TWU at a height of 6'2" and weighing only 172lbs. I had a great first season but suffered a major injury at the end of it that caused me to miss the majority of the next two years. Andrew took extra time to help me make major improvements once I was healthy so that I could get back into the lineup for my fourth year. Through adjusting the program to fit my body type and giving me tips on ways that I could improve physically in terms of my explosiveness, strength, and muscle mass, I was able to pack on 30 lbs of muscle. Without Andrew, I would not have been able to make the comeback that I did.
Aaron Gruenhage
Spartan Hockey, 2-time BCIHL Silver Medalist

Before attending Trinity Western University I was always an athlete who gave it his all in the hockey arena. It was not until I met Andrew that I was able to reach my full potential. I was always the smaller guy of the team, but Andrew has never let me feel that way. Every time I train off ice it is to benefit my game on ice and Andrew has helped me achieve more than I ever could before. In just six months I have been able to gain 15 pounds, something I have always needed for my game to improve. I went from middle of the pack on my team in scoring to second, in a difference of one season. I owe a lot of this to Andrew personally and the rest of the training staff at Trinity Western University.
Mattias Schmitt
Spartan Hockey, 2-time BCIHL Silver Medalist, Spartan Hockey all-time leading scorer 

Over the past five years I have had the privilege of training under the guidance of Andrew.  Not only does Andrew provide his athletes with top-notch training programs, he also gives continual feedback and encouragement.  Andrew has enabled me to develop into the athlete I am today, as a result of his impact I am faster, more flexible, and have a deep desire to be the best I can be everyday.
Tyler Koslowsky
Spartan Men's Volleyball, 2-time CIS Gold Medalist

Coming into my university career, as a volleyball player, I had never put much thought into weight training. I knew that athletes were usually required to, but I didn’t see the benefit in it. When I was introduced to the weight room I wasn’t sure what to expect or whether or not I would enjoy it. It turns out I did, and Andrew was the first one to really sky rocket my interest in the lifting world. Not only did he help me become as strong as I possibly could, he was my mentor in many ways. He taught me how to lift and when, he also taught me the science behind it all. Through his teachings Andrew made it possible for me to find my passion for not only lifting, but in coaching as well. He was also very patient with me throughout the years and would do whatever was possible to keep me training. Through all of my injuries he always found a way to keep me lifting and keep me strong. Not only did he make me the player that I am today, but he also helped mould me as a person, and find passion in many areas of my life. Andrew Heming is not only a magnificent strength coach, he is also a man of Christ who has impacted my life in many ways!!! Andrew is truly inspiring and I can never say thanks enough! Thank you, Andrew!!!
Royal Elizabeth Richardson
Spartan Women's Volleyball, CIS National Champion 

When I first met Andrew I had very little experience weight training and had some underlying injuries holding me back from reaching my full potential. Andrew helped me by designing a program with modified exercises that has allowed me to increase my strength without aggravating my previous injuries further. The result has been improved athletic performance on the court and fewer injury flare-ups. One thing I especially appreciate about Andrew is his constant encouragement, humbleness, and wholehearted commitment to excellence in his field of strength and conditioning coaching. I would recommend Andrew to anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves - whether that's in a high-performance context or for general fitness improvement. Overall, Andrew has helped to empower me to reach my athletic goals and make conditioning an enjoyable part of my life!
Kayla Gordon
Spartan Women's Basketball

I’ve had the privilege of being trained by Andrew for the past 5 years and what I think is his biggest strength is his ability to make all of his athletes stronger. No one goes through Andrew’s programs and doesn’t get stronger. His immense knowledge of the body allows him to improve any athlete in any sport.
Nick Del Bianco
Spartans Men's Volleyball, 2xCIS National Champion 

Andrew was a huge reason for our team’s success during our run to the CIS National Championship Final in 2011. His work ethic is contagious and he works with athletes in an open and communicative environment where he is concerned about performance in the weight room and also on the court, track or field. I made significant improvements in technique, strength and flexibility under Andrew’s direction, as well as improving my diet and body fat percentage. Andrew will work for you and with you in order to ensure that your goals are met and you are at your peak performance state whenever competition arrives. Our silver medal was largely achieved do to our work with Andrew, a true testament to the value of his training methods.
Calvin Westbrook 
Spartan Men's Basketball, CIS Silver Medalist, 2011

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew over the past 4 years. During this time I saw a tremendous increase of my strength, power and quickness. All these improvements that I made in the gym correlated directly over to my performance on the ice. Not only did I see growth in my own game, but also in all of my teammates who trained with him. I believe that a large factor in the success that Trinity Western University athletics has seen is due to the training provided by Andrew Heming. 
Jamie Russell
Spartan Hockey, 2-time BCIHL Silver Medalist

Andrew Heming's strength and conditioning programs and his assistance as a strength coach have elevated my performance as an athlete at Trinity Western University. The programs Andrew designs are of the highest quality and the nutritional information, tools, and lifting techniques provided by Andrew are detailed, thought through and highly effective.
Chantelle Martin
Spartan Women’s Basketball

After 5 years as an athlete and student I can say that Andrew simply and efficiently prepares people to succeed. Through Andrew’s dedicated work I have added 7 inches to my vertical jump and avoided the chronic knee and shoulder pain that typically accompanies a volleyball career. As an intern strength coach Andrew has passed on exponential amounts of information and skills that will be invaluable to my future career as a certified personal trainer. Andrew’s vast knowledge of strength and conditioning is paralleled by his own passion for helping others.
Josh Doornenbal
Spartan Men's Volleyball, CIS National Champion 

I just completed 5 years of University level basketball at Trinity Western University and I can say with confidence that I would not have been able to complete even one of those years without the dedicated and passionate work of Andrew Hemming and our strength and conditioning staff. I came into Trinity having dealt with chronic back pain through out my career and it quickly sidelined in my first year. The curvatures in my upper and lower back were so extreme that there was worry of fractures in 2 vertebrae. Luckily the x-rays were negative but that is when the rehabilitation began. I could not play for roughly 5 weeks. During that time I spent countless hours in the weight room with Andrew as my trainer going through customized training sessions in order to correct the curves in my spine. With Andrew's help I was able to strengthen the necessary muscles around my spine to reduce curvature and minimize pain. I would continue to train with Andrew's personalized training plans for my entire career and can happily say that I have never again had to deal with re-occurring lower back pain! If you would have asked me before training with Andrew if I would expect to play without discomfort ever again I would have said "no chance". Andrew definitely proved me wrong and I can't thank him enough for that. The trust and respect that I have for Andrew and his team is unmatched and I am excited for everyone who is able to train with Andrew and his staff!
Jason Keegstra
Spartan Men's Basketball

My time as an elite athlete at Trinity Western University was made significantly better by training with Andrew. I can confidently say that playing 5 years at TWU and never missing a practice or a game from injury, winning 4 CIS medals (including a National Championship), several personal awards, and now playing professionally in Europe, could not have been done without having Andrew as my strength training coach.  He truly cares about the athletes that he trains.  Compared with other trainers I’ve worked wit,h he is the most knowledgeable, inspirational and creative; he also stays up-to-date with all the front- line research.  Having a degree in Kinesiology and understanding the work it takes to be the best trainer, the only person I would recommend is Andrew. If you’re in high school, trying to get into university or playing professional sports, Andrew will give you the body and inspiration needed to be the best.
Steve Rogalsky
Spartan Men's Volleyball player, CIS Nation Chamption 

Working with Andrew has been one of the highlights of my career at TWU playing for the WSOC team and being involved in Spartan Athletics.  He is so knowledgeable in all areas relating to sports and conditioning and the rationales for each including: nutrition, exercise selection & technique, body composition, injury prevention, and sports-specific conditioning.  Whether it be answering simple questions regarding how to do a specific exercise in proper form or putting together highly-complex individualized programs which dealt specifically with more advanced exercises or injury-recovery, I knew I could always rely on him and trust whatever he sent my way.  The training techniques, advice, and exercises he gives are challenging, fun, different, and most importantly- you see results!  Andrew is not only a great strength and conditioning coach because of his knowledge and expertise, but also because of how personable and willing to help he is.
Erin-Marie Higgins
Spartan Women’s Soccer CIS National Champion 

Although I only had the opportunity to work with Andrew over a short one year period, the amount of weight-lifting, nutritional, and life style guidance that I was able to take in from him was of tremendous depth. As a strength coach he helped me to build a foundational training structure that I can now carry forward for the rest of my footballing career and beyond. Nutritionally, his advice was as honest and realistic as his character, and he always encouraged me to make gradual long-term adjustments rather than buying into the “hype” of new health industry fads. However, Andrew’s weight-lifting and nutritional expertise are only segments of his comprehensive overall approach which is what makes his work so effective. Through his unique and well-qualified perspective on the incorporation of how training and diet fit into an athlete’s daily life, the suggestions and information Andrew provided me with regarding how to take care of my health in all of life’s different scenarios meant that under his tutelage I was able to grow and develop not just in the gym, but throughout the entirety of each day. I have realized what an exceptionally rare opportunity it was, for an athlete like myself, to have access to this kind of trainer to the extent that I did: I cannot thank him enough for the kindness and camaraderie he afforded me, and for the tireless effort he put into making sure my time and energy was maximized to its fullest.
Daniel Symth
Soccer Keeper

Through my time working with Andrew, I have made tremendous gains in both my functional strength levels as well as my knowledge of how and why each exercise is designed as it is.  Andrew has an extensive knowledge of physiology and strength training exercises and uses this knowledge to create programs tailored for every athlete’s needs.  As an athlete striving to improve my ability in my sport, the gains I have made through my work with Andrew are invaluable and I will continue to come to Andrew for new drills, modes of training and any questions I have about how to further my physical conditioning.
Josh Howatson
Spartans Men's Volleyball player, CIS National Champion, Professional Volleyball Player, Canadian National Team

In my last 4 years at TWU, I experienced the importance of weight training to increase my performance on the field. Andrew Heming helped me with my personal training program not only on and off season but also with post rehab programs. I like to work with Andrew because he does research and finds new training programs to be able to increase my performance on the field. Andrew put a program together so that I would not lose my agility, balance and coordination as I got stronger. During my last 4 years on the Trinity Western University’s men’s soccer team when we won 3 years Canada west championships, Andrew has helped me become stronger and quicker on the field and to increase my balance and coordination with the ball.
Mustafa Demirci
Midfielder Men’s soccer team, CIS Canada-West Gold Medalist

Over the past 6 years I worked with Andrew Heming to progressively become better at the sport of soccer. The areas of strength, speed, and conditioning were the main target areas of my performance that we were working on. Andrew put me through excellent soccer-specific training routines that truly brought out more of my potential strength and optimal performance. Each of these programs were specific to my sport and gave me an edge over most other athletes I was competing against, thus raising my game level. My explosiveness and speed was the initial change I felt as I worked through the program. Andrew’s programs were designed in such a way that you will progress no matter what. You must always push yourself and never just go through the motions. Put as much focus into your training as you would your sport. These were just a few of the great principles he taught me. If I didn't have the training programs that Andrew provided I would not be injury free like I am now. I used to have a problem with being chronically injured in some shape or form, but I discovered it was simply because I was not strengthening my muscles specifically for my sport. I have never worked with a trainer more devoted to his athletes’ bests than Andrew Heming. Anyone who works with his program and applies themselves to what they are instructed will definitely be better on their way to optimal performance.
Nathan Square-Briggs
Spartans Men’s Soccer, CIS Canada-West Gold Medalist

Personal Training Client Testimonials 
Absolutely thrilled to share my thoughts on the incredible journey I've had with Andrew Heming.  Working with Andrew has been an absolute game-changer in my life, and I couldn't be more grateful for the positive impact he's had on my health and well-being. Andrew's expertise, enthusiasm, and support have been instrumental in helping me achieve my fitness goals and make lasting lifestyle changes. His personalized approach to training, tailored to my needs and preferences, has been so important. Beyond just physical transformations, Andrew has helped me develop a new level of confidence and energy that extends far beyond the gym. I've not only seen improvements in my strength and endurance but also in my overall mindset and attitude toward health. Thank you, Andrew, for being an exceptional partner in my fitness journey. 
Ryan Lermitte
Online Coaching Client

As a strength and conditioning coach myself, I was looking for a high expert to train and to challenge me through online training as I live in Switzerland. I found in Andrew the best coach you can possibly find not only from a knowledge perspective but also from a pedagogical aspect. He is one of the few coaches you can get excelling into the science and the art of coaching. I will strongly recommend Andrew to anyone searching for results from a top-notch trainer. He is definitely one of them. Many thanks Andrew for the coach and person you are.
GrĂ©goire Vionnet 
Strength Coach and Online Coaching Client

My training with Andrew has been and continues to be transformational.  Each session is filled with precision and detail specifically for my training and my goals.  My overall conditioning and strength has led me to what I thought was unattainable to the attainable.  I have found my training sessions more efficient leading me to better results in a shorter amount of time.  My training has excelled beyond my expectations and I only see myself continuing to propel forward. With all that I have witnessed within my own training, I had Andrew assess my 10 year old son. Andrew was able to decipher what my son needed and created a simple and effective program for him. Within a week of being committed to the program, my son was setting new personal bests in his track and field events.  We are seeing improvements in his strength, power and stride, as well as his self-confidence. Andrew’s attention to detail with his extensive knowledge creates an atmosphere of great potential for his clients.  His commitment and dedication in his field of work is displayed in each session. Andrew is one of a group of professionals I consider as my go to people to help keep me on track to living a healthy, strong and vibrant life.  If you want to take your training to an elevated level and move beyond where you are, I highly recommend contacting Andrew.
Dawna Longley, RMT 
Personal Training Client, Registered Massage Therapist

Training with Andrew has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Not only am I grateful for the physical results and gains I have seen (e.g., fat loss, muscle gain), but also the educational aspect of training with Andrew.  As a personal trainer, I am constantly being sharpened by the amount of knowledge and experience Andrew has in Exercise and Nutrition.  He is continually teaching me new things, that are invaluable. I am so thankful for the opportunity to train with Andrew, I could not have chosen a better trainer and role model.
Meray Youssef
Personal Training Client, Personal Trainer

This routine you have me on has me looking beast lol. I actually have a chest and legs. My upper body is getting wide as *#@! I'm super happy. Thanks for all the help and support.
Online coaching client 

Working Out pulled a perfect 180 on my life and there could have been no better coach (trainer) than Andrew Heming. His training gave me the results I was looking for (I gained over 30 pounds of muscle) and taught me the true meaning of exercise and training.  He passed his love for fitness onto me and gave me the gift of inspiring others to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Not only is Andrew a walking encyclopedia, an inspiration, and a role model but he also has the experience and passion for health and fitness that is incomparable.
Geoff Ratzlaff
Former Personal Training Client, Architectural Technologist

Having Andrew as a personal trainer was the best decision I could have ever agreed to! He has helped me improve my nutrition, agility and my mental aspect of a healthy lifestyle. With his help I have come to feel for confident with my body and who I am.
Janae Rapley 
Online coaching client 

Training Partner Testimonial
If you want to gain muscle while leaning out or push through to a new level of athletic performance, Andrew Heming is your ONLY CHOICE for AMAZING RESULTS! Andrew has helped coached me from 6' 5" at 190lb. and skinny fat, to 225lb and lean! Andrew's coaching expertise includes a multitude of training methods and programs and can take anyone who is serious about results, to your FULL potential. Andrew has coached me to several personal records (PR's), such as front squatting 265lb for reps, and a 500lb. farmers walk. Also, make sure to ask Andrew about his nutrition coaching, as his Mass gaining specific nutrition plan was extremely important to get to my body composition goals. I can't thank Andrew enough for his role in my strength training and health development.
Brian Mattioli, M.S.

Coach Testimonials

We had a goal as a team to become one of the Fittest Team's in the league.  That is what Andrew helped us achieve.  He put a program together that prepared our bodies for the demands of the season.  We worked on injury prevention, strength, power, nutrition and specific needs of individuals.  Where we the fittest team? I don't know but what I do know is that the energy, knowledge and motivation that Andrew invested in this team produced a group of girls that were confident, strong and playing the best volleyball of their career.  They were prepared for the demands of the season and an intense playoff run which let to winning the CIS Championship.
Ryan Hofer
Head Coach, Spartan Women's Volleyball, CIS National Champion 2015, 216 Silver Medalists

Since 2004 our varsity soccer program has had the privilege of having Andrew Heming work with our athletes and the impact has been superb. As we have grown into one of the top soccer programs in the country, our athletes have needed more and more individual attention when it comes to overall conditioning, strength training and speed and quickness. It has been invaluable to have Andrew's services and expertise work with our athletes...not only has it added to players developing more and more into the athletes that we know they can become, but it has helped in the prevention of injuries especially in such a tight, jam-packed competitive schedule.
Andrew's ability to work with each athlete individually, assess their particular needs as well as to help put together a large part of our players off season and in season work out plans has proved to be such an important factor in our team overall performance in the last few years. Andrew's expertise and dedication have helped raise the standards to an even higher level as a result of his contribution to our program.
Graham Roxburgh
Head Coach, Spartans Women's Soccer CIS National Champion 2004, 2008, 2009, 2012, 2013

Andrew has worked with our Men's Volleyball Team as our strength and conditioning coach for the past 4 years extensively.  Prior to that he worked with our team on a lesser scale.  In his time with our team he has shown excellence and competence in his field in program design, training and implementation.  As the years have progressed he has adapted our programs to meet the increased approach to strength and conditioning our team has taken.
Our team has seen significant improvements both on and off the court that are attributed to his success in helping our athletes get stronger, prevent injuries and increase awareness and knowledge in this field.  I have been thoroughly impressed with Andrew's approach with our team and am excited to have him as a part of our Integrated Support Team.
Ben Josephson
Head coach, Spartans Men's Volleyball, CIS National Champion 2011, 2012, 2016

Strength Coach Intern Testimonials

During my studies at TWU I had the privilege of interning under Andrew for three and a half years as a student strength coach. In that time Andrew opened my eyes to the depth of the role of a strength and conditioning professional and I learned to value every conversation with him greatly. Andrew taught me many valuable aspects to the art of coaching and challenged me to continue improving myself in my own training, my coaching and teaching abilities, and my professional development and education. His professional development sessions were engaging and complimented my human kinetics education immensely. Alongside being an exemplary strength and conditioning coach for athletes, Andrew is an excellent teacher and mentor. His ability to teach concepts and coaching techniques is great, but he also never fails to give his strength coach interns the right opportunities to apply their knowledge in the field. His ability to challenge his interns and make them uncomfortable while still placing them in the right positions to learn is testament to his strength as a teacher. I consider my time learning under Andrew as a mentor to be invaluable to my development in the strength and conditioning field. When asked who I have learned from, I’m very proud to say I had the privilege of studying under Andrew.
John Wesley Cummings
Strength Coach, Personal Trainer, Canadian National Team Powerlifter

There are not enough good things to say about Andrew Heming! I first met him as a freshman hockey player for the TWU Spartans. He taught me how to properly train for performance and instilled a willingness and drive in me to learn. Following that season, I was given the opportunity to take on a different role with Spartan Athletics, as a Student Intern Strength Coach.  Through Andrew’s guidance and instruction over the past 2.5 years, I have come to more truly understand the ins and outs of what it takes to be the best in the field and how to implement systems to push athletes to reach their full potential. Andrew lives out the true meaning of a strength coach by putting his athletes and other coaches before himself. He is the most knowledgeable guy I know, and is always striving to better himself (which seems impossible!). He has encouraged me to pursue my goals and has given me every opportunity to do so. I have thoroughly enjoyed working and learning under Andrew and I have come to discover a new and deeper passion and love for all aspects of training and nutrition. Andrew has been a huge influence in my decision to pursue being a strength coach. His character, work ethic and passion are what set him apart from the rest, and I am thankful I have had the opportunity to learn from the best!
Cole Hergott 
Spartan Strength Coach (Andrew's note: up and coming Strength Coach sensation!)

It is hard to describe in 1-2 sentences the type of impact Andrew Heming has had in my life. As an athlete, Andrew enabled me to reach my optimal body composition, as well as drastically improve my vertical jump (4" in 4 months). He gave me the tools, (via nutrition consultation and personalized training programs), necessary to not only improve my athletic performance, but my well-being, (both mentally and physically), off the court. He also taught me how to dissociate the improvements I needed to make for sports performance from how I valued myself as a person (as all too often, athletes are so performance-oriented that performance becomes a way of measuring self-value). As an employee, Andrew's grace, patience and dedication to the Strength and Conditioning Program ensured that I was consistently learning and re-learning proper training techniques and nutrition information, as well as how to properly communicate to the athlete while educating him or her at the same time. My internship and time spent with Andrew and the other strength coaches is a period time that I will never forget and forever value.
Shannon Yemen BHK, CAT(C), CSCS
Former Spartan Women’s Volleyball Player, Athletic Therapist, Strength & Conditioning Coach

As a Student Strength and Conditioning Coach working at Trinity Western University I was able to spend a great deal of time learning from, and working with, Andrew Heming. Andrew is infinitely passionate about the field of strength and conditioning and has a remarkable ability to pass on his passion and knowledge to the athletes he works with. Over the year that I was able to work with Andrew I saw many athletes come into the program with almost no knowledge of weight training and leave for the summer with a vast knowledge of performance nutrition, correct weight training techniques, and injury prevention exercises, not to mention a new level of excitement for performance training. In addition to instructing new athletes, Andrew has had a great deal of experience ensuring top-level athletes reach their personal and professional training goals in a timely fashion through tried and true training methods. The motivational strategies used as part of the training experience are tailored specifically to the individual athlete. Each of Andrew’s athletes is treated uniquely and the sport specific exercise programming reflects Andrew’s respect for individuality in training. Knowledge of strength training is not the only quality Andrew possesses. His own training schedule is uncompromising and vigorous, and he is one of the hardest workers I have ever seen in the gym. Andrew subscribes to all of his own training methods and puts in an effort level above and beyond anything he asks others to do during their own training. He walks the walk and talks the talk!
Ryan John Newman
Former Spartan Athletics Strength & Conditioning Coach Intern

I was offered a great opportunity to intern under Andrew Heming.  This opportunity I was given gave me practical knowledge that was passed on from his experiences and vast knowledge base.  Along with his tremendous knowledge about health, performance and injury prevention, he is a person of great character who truly cares about other people.
Jon Eng, BHK, CSCS
Strength Coach

Working with Andrew was a privilege and an honor.  I learned many invaluable lessons about athletes, training, and athlete training.  Andrew continually encouraged me to excel in my passion for training and continue my education in my profession after receiving my undergraduate degree. The professional development time with Andrew, the other strength coaches, and I shared was a time that really broaden my perspective on other trainers' philosophies, ideas, and opinions.  Andrew has an incredible passion for training, and supports and encourages athletes and fellow colleagues to strive for the best.
Mike Friesen, BHK, Registered Kinesiologist
Former Spartan Athletics Strength & Conditioning Coach Intern

Working with Andrew was an incredible experience. He provides a wealth of knowledge and allows you to put the skills you learn into practice. If you work with Andrew it will be invaluable for your future in the fitness industry.
Jonathan Higgins, BHK
Former Spartan Athletics Strength & Conditioning Coach Intern

Working with Andrew was by far the best preparation I have had in the field of Strength and Conditioning. My knowledge has increased and my skills have improved due to extensive instruction, observation, problem solving, leadership opportunities, and Andrew's unique Professional Development sessions. The high quality of instruction will easily open doors in the area of Strength and Conditioning.
Ruben Desil
Former Spartan Athletics Strength & Conditioning Coach Intern

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  1. As a strength and conditioning coach myself, I was looking for a high expert to train and to challenge me through online training as I live in Switzerland. I found in Andrew the best coach you can possibly find not only from a knowledge perspective but also from a pedagogical aspect. He is one of the few coaches you can get excelling into the science and the art of coaching. I will strongly recommend Andrew to anyone searching for results from a top notch trainer. He is definitely one of them. Many thanks Andrew for the coach and person you are.