Monday, 3 August 2015

The Best Shoes for Lifting

Last week marked an important moment in shoe history. After 98 years, Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars announced that they were upgrading their shoe design. For years now I have worn and recommended Chucks as they offer some unique advantages over other shoes for lifting. These days there are countless shoe options. Each training situation has unique requirements and may benefit from a different shoe. If you want to maximize your results and minimize your risk of injury, you need to have the right pair of shoes for you and your training. 

The classic Chuck Taylor All Star

Monday, 27 July 2015

7 Set and Rep Methods to Build a Great Body

Great training results starts with great program design. When it comes to designing an effective program, set and reps are two very important training variables. However, you need more than just the right amount of sets and right number of repetitions. You also need to do your sets and reps in the best way for your needs and goals. 

Monday, 20 July 2015

How to Use Deload Weeks for Faster Gains and Less Injuries

“Go big or go home!” “No pain, no gain!” “Don’t stop until you drop!” While these statements make cool slogans for Instagram and catchy quotes for twitter, they may not be the best advice all the time. I’m not against hard training. I know what it is like to throw up after a training session, to briefly blackout after an intense set and to not be able to sleep the night before a big, scary leg day. I know that brutally hard work on a simple program always trumps a half-hearted effort on a fantastic program. However, despite all this, I also know what is like to try to go “all-out” all the time and experience years of stagnant progress as a result. If you try to fight your body, you will lose every time. Training success requires that you work with – not against your body. If you are serious about making the best results possible, a properly timed and effectively executed deload week may be just what you need.
Image courtesy of savit

Monday, 13 July 2015

Whole Body vs. Split Routines for Size and Strength

If you want to pack on muscle and get stronger, should you do a full body workout or a split routine? This question has been asked and debated countess times. There are many “experts” in both camps, each with compelling arguments. However, let’s put opinions aside and look at what the latest, cutting-edge research has to say on this topic. 
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Monday, 6 July 2015

How to Pick Up and Walk with 500lbs: Programming for the Farmers Walk

If you are not doing some loaded carry variation in your training – you are missing out big time! If you want to improve sport performance, build brute strength, burn fat, improve your real-life-functional strength or be ultra-efficient with your limited training time, you want to do loaded carries. One of the best loaded carries is the farmer’s walk. Since I have already written about the benefits of farmer’s walks, it’s time to look at how to effectively program this amazing exercise and show you how you can get to your goal. Also, even if you have no desire to pick up and walk holding 500lbs, you can still apply many of these tips to the pursuit of your fitness goals.

Monday, 29 June 2015

The Missing Ingredient From Your Ultimate Training Week

Are you a sedentary fitness buff? Sure you may go to the gym several times a week, but what are you doing outside of the gym? Famous physical therapist Grey Cook once pointed out that most fitness people get almost no physical activity outside of the gym. The gym was never meant to be your only source of physical activity. If you want to maximize your health, body composition and performance, you need to look not only at what you are doing inside the gym, but what you are doing outside the gym and how that impacts your health, training goals and quality of life.

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Monday, 22 June 2015

10 Training Mistakes That Will Kill Your Progress in the Gym

You are busy, yet you have important training goals and you invest your valuable time into hitting the gym and striving to reach these goals. However, just because you go to the gym, does not mean you are getting the most you could out of your time there. Whenever I’m in a gym, I often see people failing to achieve the results they want not because they don’t show up and not because they don’t work hard, but simply because they make these costly training mistakes.