Monday, 1 February 2016

Closing the Gap Between You and Your Goals

At the start of a new year, many people talk about goal setting. This is great because you always want to know where you are going before you start a journey. However, now that we are already a month into the New Year, it’s time to talk about an even more important topic – goal reaching. Between you and your goals is a gap. If the gap remains open, it will leave you frustrated, stressed and depressed. It may even cause you to quit training altogether. However, if you can close the gap, you can sculpt a strong, healthy, good looking body and savour the sweat pleasure of success. It’s time to close that gap and build the body you want.

Monday, 25 January 2016

Do You Need Direct Arm Work?

When it comes to you training, you must demand results. You should seek those results in the most efficient manner possible. To do this, you want to make sure you are investing your valuable time in doing the exercises that will have the greatest impact on getting you to your goals. At the same time, you don’t want to waste time or energy on exercises that will deliver little in return. This brings up an all-important question: what about arm exercises? Should you bother doing direct biceps and triceps exercises or will the other upper body pulling and pushing exercises take care of it? Also, if you are doing direct arm exercises, is it enough to just do them as part of your other training sessions or do you need a full arm day? It’s time you get this question answered - for YOU!

Monday, 18 January 2016

8 Superior Alternatives to 8 Popular "Lady Exercises"

A lean, strong, toned athletic body starts with the selection of fantastic exercises. While both genders are often plagued with inferior exercise selection, women are at the forefront of bad fitness advice. Time and time again ladies are told to do a bunch of worthless, inferior exercises to trim, tone, firm and shape their “problem spots”. Well ladies, it’s time you learned the truth. It is time you actually got the results you deserved for the effort you put in at the gym. You don’t need more exercises; you simply need to swap the inferior exercises you were told to do for far superior ones.

Monday, 11 January 2016

A Simple, Overlooked Way to Increase Your Bench Press

“What do ya’ bench?” This question is often asked in social gatherings by people who don’t know anything about lifting but want to sound like they do. However, the answer to this question may be an important one for you. While often over-hyped and not a good fit for everyone, the bench press is a proven exercise for building upper body strength. If you bench has stalled and you want to get it moving again, I have just the thing for you!
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Monday, 4 January 2016

Are You Falling for Today’s Biggest Nutrition Fad?

If you want greater health, performance and body composition, you want to avoid fat diets. While fad diets are great for selling diet books, they often fail to deliver the results you want. They cause you to focus on less important details and often miss the big picture. In the past there have been many fads such as low fat and low carb eating. Today there is a huge dietary fad and if you are not careful you will fall for it, hurt your progress and make your nutrition way harder than it has to be. 
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Monday, 28 December 2015

Best of the Blog: 2015

Wow, another year is almost over! I wanted to say a big thank you to all of you how have taken your valuable time to read my blog this past year. Before I jump into new posts for the New Year, I wanted to wrap up this year with a list of the 10 most popular posts over this last year. 

Monday, 21 December 2015

Stop Working Out Like a High Schooler and Start Training Like an Adult

Oh the joys of high school complete with puberty, acne, raging hormones, goofy hair, fashion fads, drivers ed, awkward dances and all the other fun/scary/embarrassing moments. If you are like most folks, your first exposure to working out was probably in high school. As a result, you probably picked up a lot of bad habits. The reason most adults fail at training is because they are still trying to work out like a high schooler. All of a sudden these inferior training methods fail to deliver. And those 2 hour gym sessions aren’t an option any more. However, if you are willing to unlearn what you learned about working out in high school, you can burn fat, build muscle and improve your sport/life performance while keeping up with demands of adult life. It is time to stop working out like a high schooler and start training like an adult.