Online Coaching

Want to take your training to the next level? Having an experienced, successful trainer to guide you will help you get faster and better results. Traditionally, I was limited to only taking on clients in my area. However, with the internet, no matter where you live you can get a completely customized training program and ongoing coaching.

Three Options For You To Choose From:
Option 1: Custom Program Design - 1 phase
This is perfect for those who already have the basics down. This will take all the guess-work out of training. I will send you a bunch of questions to learn as much as I can about you. Then, I'll go to work on creating a truly customized training program that will move you towards your training goals. This service includes 2 weeks of follow-up email support to further fine-tune and refine things as you work through your custom program.

Option 2: Live Online Session
Skype sessions are perfect if you want a trainer coaching you through your whole session. This can be regular sessions (e.g. 1-3x per week) or on an as-needed basis. Live online sessions are ideal for beginners as I can coach you through every lift at your gym or in the comfort of your own (if you have needed equipment). These are also helpful for those wanting to discuss training or nutrition in real-time instead of back and forth with email. Live online sessions allow you to train with me in real-time regardless of where you live in the world. Also, you save money by not having to pay a gym drop-in fee for me or cover my travel expenses.
Programming is not included in live online sessions, but there are discounted rates on programming available for regular live online clients.

Option 3: Online Coaching
Online coaching is perfect if you have training experience and are simply wanting on-going, individualized programming with training and nutrition support. It is also ideal for those with a busy schedules or if you life in a very different time zone as we correspond with email so you are never trying to schedule a session or a meeting at a particular time.

See below for more details on live online sessions and online coaching...

Live Online Sessions: How they work
Live online sessions can be purchased with the PayPal button below. Note: All Skype sessions are subject to my availability. If we are not able to find a time that will work for both of us, your session will be refunded. It is best to email me first ( to schedule a time prior to purchasing your session(s). All session must be paid for prior to the appointment. Once a time as been set, you will call me from your Skype account and we will start the session. Each Skype session is 1 hour in length. During this time we can chat about your training or nutrition or coach you through specific exercises. For those who have purchased a program from me, Skype session can also involve taking your through your entire training session.

Purchase Your Skype Coaching Session

Online Coaching: How it works
Once we both agree to start the coaching process, I will email you a form to gather information on your health, goals, previous training experience, nutrition, functional movement, posture and training facilities. I will also send you health screening forms and legal documents to sign. 

Once I have all the information I need, you will receive a personalized program based on your needs, goals, experience level and equipment availability. The program will be emailed to you as a PDF file which you can print off to take to the gym or view on your phone. Each exercise in the program is a set up as a hyperlink to an instructional video to show you exactly how to do the exercise. The program will be updated as needed throughout your time working with me.

For any exercise you want specific coaching on, you can take a video of yourself and I will review the video and provide you with specific feedback and technique cues.

Each week we will touch base via email to see how the previous week of training went and review your training log and food journal (you must keep both of these while working with me). Then, I will make any necessary adjustments to the training program and/or nutrition habits. During the entire coaching process, you will have full email access to me to answer questions and work through issues as needed and I will prioritize responding to your emails as soon as possible.

Payment for the coaching is made at the start of each 30 day period through PayPal on my website.

The Next Step
Are you ready to take the next step towards reaching your training goals? If so, send me an email at with a description of who you are and what your goals are. If I think we will be a good fit, I’ll send you information on pricing and we can discuss more details about getting started.

It’s time to take your training to the next level!

Custom Program Design: $199.00 (Canadian Dollars)

One Month of Online Coaching: $250.00 (Canadian Dollars)

3 Months Online Coaching: $550.00 (Canadian Dollars)