Tuesday 13 November 2012

Cleaning Up Your Power Clean

I have already written about the use of Olympic-Style Weightlifting with athletes HERE. Now it is time to look at the most famous of all Weightlifting variations that are used for athletes - the power clean. This is a good lift for athletes, but most athletes do the power clean in a way that not as effective for athletic development. Also the clean is commonly done in a way that places unnecessary stress on the body. If you use power cleans in your training program or would like to learn more about power clean technique, check this out...

Below are the 6 videos in my YouTube series, "Cleaning Up Your Power Clean". Enjoy!

Part 1: Set-Up

Part 2: Low Pulls

Part 3: High Pulls

Part 4: Arm Action & Catch

Part 5: Pulling From the Floor

Part 6: Foot Positions

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