Monday, 20 March 2017

23 Combo Exercises to Switch Up a Bored Client’s Routine

Need to spice up your training? Do you want to burn some fat or have a fun way to get some conditioning before the weather gets nice? If so, combination exercises may be just what you need. Combination exercises are done by picking two exercises and alternating back and forth between the two doing one rep at a time. The trick is pairing exercises that work well together. Recently, I teamed up with my friend and colleague Shane McLean (aka The Balance Guy) to write an article for the The PTDC (Personal Trainer Development Center) on combination exercises. This is your complete guide on combination exercises with instructions on how and when to use them as well as 23 examples (with videos) of combination exercises. Check out the full article and a link to download a PDF version HERE

Also, here is a video of me coaching a front/squat with L-sit chin-up combination.

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