Monday 28 May 2012

Learning the Hip Hinge

According to Dan John (one of the wisest strength coaches in the business) the hip hinge is the most powerful movement the human body can do. Whether your are an elite athlete or someone who wants to go through life with a health low back, the hinge is for you! Learning to hinge correctly can do wonders for sparing your back in the gym and in everyday life.

Also, understanding the mechanics of this important movement is essential for proper execution of several strength training exercises including:
  • All deadlift variations
  • Olympic weightlifting variations
  • Swings many kettlebell movements
  • Back extensions
  • Glute/ham raises
  • Bent-over rows
  • Good mornings 
Do the hinge correctly and you improve your back health and performance. Do it incorrectly and you will hurt your back and not improve performance. Every weight room newbie needs to learn how to hinge. Every weight room vet should check to make sure he/she is doing this movement correct. Check out this short video for more details:

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