Thursday 30 April 2015

Super-Charge Your Grip with This Simple Chalk Trick

When you first started lifting, grip was not really an issue. You weren’t strong enough to lift enough weight to really tax your grip. However, as you got stronger, you likely found yourself limited in the amount of weight you could lift by what you could effectively hold on to. Here is simple trick to help you out. 

Chalk Rocks
Chalk is an essential accessory for anyone serious about getting strong. If your gym doesn't let you use chalk, you need to find a different gym or get some equipment and lift at home. Don’t see chalk as a crutch. It is not like straps where you are getting artificial assistance. Chalk removes sweat and oils and gives you a solid slick-free grip on the bar. To get the most out of your chalk, you need to chalk properly. Also, you can get even more out of your chalk, by trying this simple trick explained in this short video:

There certainly times when straps, a mixed grip or a hook grip can be the way to go. However, before you look to those, stick with chalk and build your grip with your other muscles. 

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