Monday, 15 June 2020

No Gym? No Problem!

You don’t need a gym to get in great shape. You can build muscle, burn fat, and improve your performance in the privacy, comfort, and convenience of your own home – without fancy fitness equipment. 

Over 20 years ago, I became a trainer to empower as many people as possible to use fitness to improve their lives. However, in my efforts to help people, I kept running in the following: 

“Money is tight. I can’t afford a gym membership or a home gym.”
“I have little kids to care for and I can’t leave my house to go to the gym.”
“I travel regularly for work and I can’t always find a good gym to train at.” 
“I feel intimidated training in public.”
“Life is crazy-busy right now and I just can’t get to the gym regularly.”

A practical solution I have often offered is home-based training.  Then COVID-19 hit. Gyms closed down. Home gym equipment was sold-out or being sold for ridiculous prices. I went to work at creating a complete guide to training at home without fitness equipment. 

  • Training in the privacy of your own home
  • Training without worrying about getting COVID-19 or some other infection 
  • Not having a gym dipping into your bank account each month
  • Being able to travel for work or pleasure without the hassle of always trying to find a gym in a new city 
  • Never wasting time driving to a from a gym
  • Knowing how to great a great workout – even if you are extra short on time
  • The thrill of mastering your own body weight
  • Never having to wonder, overthink, or guess how to train  
  • Coming out of quarantine in the best shape of your life!

This book is your guide to: 
  • The most effective home-based exercises to build muscle, burn fat and get stronger
  • Go beyond push-ups & sit-ups to effectively working every major muscle of your body
  • The best home-based accessory exercises to target and fix your weak points
  • Practical bodyweight exercises for every-day people (i.e. not gymnasts) 
  • Proper exercise technique to help you minimize your risk of injury and maximize your results
  • How to modify bodyweight exercises you thought, you “can’t” do to your current strength levels
  • How to progress bodyweight exercises you thought were too easy so you can keep stressing your muscles and keep making gains
  • How to use regular household items and furniture as effective training tools
  • How to get your first pull-up! 
  • Speed & power exercises to help you dominate your competition and be ready for real-life emergencies 
  • Home-based conditioning to get in great shape
  • How to develop your own custom warm-up to help you move and feel great 
  • Building functional strength and fitness you can actually feel and use in sports, work and everyday life 
  • How to transform your body at home 

This book not only teaches you how to train at home, but it also provides you with 9 complete training programs: 

  1. Beginner Blast-Off Phase 1
  2. Beginner Blast-Off Phase 2
  3. The Minimalist Express Program
  4. Calorie Blast 1: Metabolic
  5. Calorie Blast 2: Strength + Conditioning
  6. Size Surge 1: Upper/Lower Split
  7. Size Surge 2: Push, Pull, Legs
  8. Whole Body Performance
  9. High-Performance Home-Hypertrophy

When you purchase the ebook, you will get instant access so you can get started today! I know this is a tricky time financially for many people right now. Therefore, at checkout, there is a limited-time option to purchase the ebook for 50% off by sharing the book on your social media. 

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