Thursday 16 May 2013

The Semi-Private Training Option

Traditionally, you had 3 options for training: 1) go to a regular gym and try to figure things out on your own, 2) go to a regular gym and hire a personal trainer, 3) train at home. Most of you are probably familiar with option 1. Most of us cannot afford option 2 on a regular basis. I have already written about option 3 - home gym training is great for some people. However, there is another, newer option that just might be the right fit for you.

Ryan Jobs
This option is called semi-private training. I think it is a great training model both for the trainer and the client. Therefore, I asked my good friend and respected trainer colleague Ryan Jobs (who is the owner of a fantastic new semi-private training gym called Coastal Fitness) to write a guest post for me. Here is the inside scoop on semi-private training:

Coastal Fitness was originally created as a personal training company meeting the individual needs of clients in the Fraser Valley. Along the way we have grown and changed the way fitness is done. We have created an outstanding product of excellent client results, family-like member experience, and improved business profitability.

The question begs to be asked, why train with us vs. a bigger traditional style gym?  The answer is twofold:
  1. We have created the most conducive environment to produce results as fast as possible.
  2. We focus on providing motivation, expert advice, high level coaching, and uber amounts of individual attention.

Coastal Fitness' Cardio Theater
Our key to success is the semi-private model upon which we operate. We found when we made the transition from 1-on-1 only sessions to the semi- private model, client results not only improved but compliance to both coached and non-coached sessions were better. As well our clients nutritional habits improved, they saved money, and we in turn were more profitable. You may be thinking that in a semi private setting the individuality is lost. Nothing could be further from the truth. Every member has a full individual assessment, Functional Movement Screen ™ and strategy session to determine a starting point on the map so to speak. Each member’s program is written specifically for them based on the information gathered during that assessment and are coached through their program 1 or 2 other members in the same session. Our members have found the transition to be a positive one. They enjoy the accountability that other members provide them as they progress along their fitness journeys together. This model demands more from us as coaches, because there is more coaching to do rather than watching the previous nights Dancing With the Stars episode so we have a conversation piece the next day.

The focus of our facility is different. Results are paramount. We endlessly strive to have a friendly, warm, encouraging a non-judgmental environment in which to deliver results daily.It is within such an environment that the member is looking for at least one of three things; to move better, look better or feel better. We do that.
Thomas Plummer has been in the fitness business game a long time (30+ years). He knows what works, he sees the trends, and has been seeing the decline of ‘Globo’ Gyms for a while. He has this to say:

"There is no perfect workout no matter how hard new trainers believe and how many years they waste chasing that dream. There is, however, the perfect workout experience, and this is the difference between a decent trainer and the great ones. The mediocre trainers believe that the right combination of exercises is the key to success. The greats believe that working out is working out, but it is their job to strive everyday to create the perfect workout magic for each and every client. Clients who feel the magic will be with you forever. Clients who get lost in your tech nonsense will leave you quickly. This is why big boxes filled with endless rows of new equipment suffer while magical little training gyms do big numbers. Always chase the magic in training and worry less about perfect routines or the perfect piece of equipment."

Dumbbell rack and open space to move!
The benefits of working out at a facility such as Coastal vs. a big box are numerous. We look to create the experience that Mr. Plummer described. At Coastal you are an individual, you have a name, and you are not a number to be scanned and forgotten. We actually hope you come in as much as you can. Your results are our prime focus and the more you are there the more likely your goals will become reality. Our team approach to training allows us to make changes quickly; we stay on the edge of fitness education via conferences, mentorships, seminars and workshops not only locally but internationally. We are constantly learning from the best in the industry, all in an effort to continually bring the best to our members every day.  Members will find not only are their programs backed by science, but proven every day in our gym. We have Coastal team members on the floor at all times to coach them if needed.

This brings us to our core values. These core values are what drive us as a business. If it doesn't mesh with these values, it doesn't mesh with us. Period. 

The book Ryan Co-Authored
Our Core Values:
  1. Show we care
  2. Always learning and improving
  3. Incessant listening
  4. Keep the goal the goal and enjoy the process
  5. Bring the energy and inspire
  6. Honesty and Integrity
  7. Being prepared
  8. Have fun; Laugh!

You can see that a smaller result based, service first, fitness company offers many advantages. 

So if you are looking for an encouraging facility where you feel like family, have a team of fitness pros guiding your every step, and other members who are on a similar fitness journey encouraging you along, Coastal Fitness is the place for you.

Results guaranteed.

For more information on Ryan and Coastal Fitness click HERE.


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