Saturday 6 November 2021

Size for Skinny Guys!

Are you tired of being skinny? Are you looking for a way to build 30-40+ pounds of muscle without resorting to steroids? Have you tried other programs and failed to build muscle? Are you struggling with information overload and conflicting advice? If so, my latest book Size for Skinny Guys: A Hardgainer’s Guide to Building Drug-Free Muscle is for YOU!

Questions: There are thousands of muscle-building books out there, why should I buy yours? What will your book do for me? 

Unlike most generic muscle-building books, Size for Skinny Guys starts by explaining the specific genetic challenges that skinny guys face when trying to build muscle. Then, in the rest of the book, I’ll show you how to overcome each of these challenges. 

Instead of assuming that the exercises that work best for me will work best for you, Size for Skinny Guys teaches you how to select your best exercises based on your structure. You will learn how to stimulate muscle growth while sparing your joints, and the best muscle-building strategies for developing each body part. 

Instead of pretending there is a magical hardgainer program that works for everyone, this book will teach you how to train yourself. You will also learn how to customize training variables such as reps, volume, rest intervals, and training frequency. 

Instead of just giving your theory and making you do all the work, you will also get 12 different sample training programs. This will let you test-drive different training styles to see what works best for you. 

Instead of just telling you to eat more, you will learn how to eat more, and how to deal with common challenges skinny guys may face such as a poor appetite and bad digestion so you can finally start gaining muscular bodyweight. 

Instead of just telling you to sleep more, this book shows you how to improve your sleep quality and adjust your lifestyle to get the rest you need for muscle growth.

Size for Skinny Guys blends the fun story of a skinny guy as he learns how to build muscle, the latest research on hypertrophy, and practical, in-the-trenches training wisdom. You will learn the lessons I have learned from over 20 years of coaching and my personal journey of gaining almost 50 pounds of drug-free muscle. This book can save you from spending thousands of dollars on useless supplements and years of wasted time spinning your wheels in the gym. It may even help save you from training injuries. 

If you are ready to start your journey to building muscle, strength, and confidence, take your first step and pick up your copy of Size for Skinny Guys today! 

Size for Skinny Guys: A Hardgainer’s Guide to Building Drug-Free Muscle is available at Amazon in both paperback and Kindle ebook (which you can read on your tablet or smartphone with Amazon’s free Kindle app). 

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I hope you enjoy the book! 

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