Tuesday 5 June 2012

The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

For many people, life is filled with weight fluctuations. They gain weight, go on a diet, lose weight, then gain it all back (and more) when they go off the diet. The quest for permanent weight loss seems hopeless - and it is - if you go about trying to lose weight the way most people do. However, there is a way to have permanent weight loss.

As an example of this problem, I remember hearing someone talking about the Atkins' Diet.

You know the problem with the Atkins' diet is that you go on the diet, and lose weight but as soon as you go back to eating somewhat normal again, you gain it all back.

Sensing  that the individual was venting frustration, I chose to bite my tongue and not offer my unsolicited advice. However, I could not get what she had said out of my mind. This lady's frustration is typical of some many unsuccessful dieters.

The problem for this lady and so many other people is their definition of normal eating. Since I live in North America, I'll limit my statement to my own continent: Normal eating in North America makes you fat.

The reason permanent weight loss is elusive to most people is they make a drastic, temporary, unsustainable change to their eating, find it is too difficult for them and then go back to "normal" eating. Diets don't work. Despite the fact that the diet and weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar empire, the obesity epidemic in the United States is out of control!

The secrete to permanent weight loss is permanent lifestyle change.

The practical application:Instead of the "2 weeks to shredded abs" program, focus on a few basic changes to your nutrition that you know you can stick with. Stay with these habits until that new way of eating feels normal, and then make a few more. Sure it might take longer, but you change your lifestyle and in doing so, you get to a healthy weight and can stay there. I'll expand more on this topic in a future post.

Who cares if you lose 30lbs in 30 days if next year you weigh 10lbs more than you do now?

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